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Why Us
We understand that every client is unique.
No two clients are the same. You know your own business best, but what we bring with us are proven methodologies and best practices to identify and fulfill all of your IT needs—efficiently and cost-effectively. No business is too small or too large to benefit from the services we provide.
Our highly qualified people do it right the first time.
We are a small boutique of experts who enjoy what we do and enjoy working with our clients. Our experienced and fully certified consultants and technicians deliver superior products and customer service, while at the same time providing exceptional value and service.
We focus on what we do best—empowering our clients.
We do this by analyzing your business requirements and tailoring the services and technology to match the goals and aspirations your organization. Our highly experienced people also make easy, efficient, seamless and cost-effective when the need for deployment and migration of the next wave of innovation. EdgeMicro also provide secure and environmentally sound disposal of your old it hardware and top secure disposal of you data that meets the highest industry standards.
We save you time and money.
Our vast experience in all IT services allows us to add value by maximizing usage and time at all levels and stages of your technology life cycle. Our long-standing relationships with top manufacturers and distributors in the IT industry mean that we can offer our products and services at highly competitive and cost-effective rates.