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Survey 2015

EndPoint Management Solution
Asset Management
EdgeMicro can help you manage your IT assets. We scan your network to identify and catalogue your assets. Then, we help you keep track these assets by embedding an agent scanning system that will constantly keep track of your assets.
Proactive Management Services
Our proactive IT management services help to keep your IT infrastructure working effectively and efficiently, while reducing your costs and enhancing employee productivity. Our system allows us to keep track of warning messages on desktops, servers and storage facilities. This allows us to solve problems before they escalate, thus preventing system downtime. We can monitor disk space, software installation and antivirus downloads for both PCs and servers.
Client Management Services
Our friendly, experienced consultants will meet with you and identify the endpoint solutions you require. We provide with comprehensive report, detailing the rationale for the solutions we recommend—and providing you with a verifiable way to track the implementation of those solutions.
We provide you with the ability track all your endpoints from one station with real-time reporting. We can reduce the complexity and cost of endpoint management—from desktops and roving laptops to servers and specialty endpoint machines.