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Print Solutions
Managed print solutions are a growing trend to help businesses reduce costs. For only a few cents per page, your business can eliminate the cost of print hardware, software and maintenance. Imagine having highly skilled consultants assess your business needs, develop a plan tailored to your needs, then deploy, connect and proactively maintain your print system.
EdgeMicro has experience consultants who will advise you on the most efficient, cost-effective way to solve your print problems.
Our print management services include the following:
  • Assessment of your current print services, giving you a clear picture about your current usage and demonstrating the real print costs, as you develop a plan for change.
  • Financial and acquisition services to assist you with options as you plan, acquire, retire and replace your assets to help you reduce printing costs.
  • Transition and implementation services that ensure the right pint hardware is installed in the appropriate location and that your end users know how to make the most of these capabilities.
  • Management and support services, delivering proactive support to minimize printer downtime.
  • Rapid deployment to meet changing business needs and ensure an ongoing return on investment.
  • A fixed cost-per-page service that includes all hardware, software, deployment, support, supplies and maintenance kits.
  • Reduction of your carbon footprint in relation to your printer power consumption and reduced paper & toner consumption.
  • A wide range of multipurpose devices and supplies—such as toner, maintenance kits, roller kits.
Contact us to learn more about how we can help you minimize your costs through managed print solutions.