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Support Services
EdgeMicro's friendly, experienced, certified consultants are ready to provide you with support for your entire IT infrastructure. Our support services assure you peace of mind, knowing that your IT systems will function as you require, saving you time and money, minimizing downtime, increasing staff productivity and avoiding any interruption in service to your clients. Using our support services frees you to focus on growing your business, knowing that we are supporting and maintaining your IT systems.
We can provide our support services remotely or on-site. We are qualified and equipped to service and support your company's complete suite of software—from your operating system to your office applications. The same is true for your IT hardware—desktops, printers, servers and backup/storage server systems.
Because of our partnerships with industry leaders, we can look after your IT infrastructure—providing fixes and replacements as your business requires them, all without you ever needing to deal with the original suppliers and manufacturers.
Our embedded agent systems alert us when you are having a problem or about to have problems with your desktops, servers, printers, operating systems and other software applications. This allows us to support, maintain and repair your systems remotely, minimizing disruption and downtime—and increasing productivity and reliability for your business.
The same embedded agent systems allow us to proactively detect your needs—from new toner for your printers to additional storage space on your back-up system. We manage your needs remotely and through onsite visits, to keep every aspect of your IT systems functioning effectively.
EdgeMicro will also provide you with seamless software updates or smooth transition of all your IT hardware from servers to your complete desktop system. Contact us for a more in-depth discussion of the support services we can offer you.