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Survey 2015

Site assessment and inventory services
EdgeMicro's friendly, experienced and certified consultants can offer a full assessment of your entire IT site infrastructure. We use wide variety of scanning methods that will provide you with a full inventory of your IT infrastructure. We scan all hardware from desktop to servers and switches. We will provide a complete accounting of your OS and software and an inventory of all licences you hold.
Once you have a comprehensive inventory of your IT software, hardware and infrastructure, we can help you manage your IT infrastructure cost effectively and enhance your productivity and efficiency.
Our inventory services including scanning solutions that will enable you to manage the process of adding or removing items from your inventory, so you always have a completely up-to-date picture of your IT assets.
Based on the site assessment and an in-depth analysis of your inventory, we provide you with a full report potential cost savings, efficiencies and productivity and profitability enhancements. For example, there may be cost savings by reducing your licences. Enhance your bottom line through customer service efficiencies we can recommend. We can identify new hardware and software to improve staff productivity.