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IT Deployment / Migrations
IT deployment and migration is one of the aspects of IT management that gives business leaders the most stress and worry. If done incorrectly, it can cost money and alienate clients.
EdgeMicro's experienced, certified consultants and technicians can eliminate those risks. Our strong partnerships with the leading IT companies allow us to offer the best deployment and migration service.
Our deployment and migration services are flexible and tailored to fit your business needs. Our consultants will help you streamline and standardize the deployment and migration process, ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience. To keep pace with the continuous IT innovation, regular cycles of deployment and migration are the norm—and we can manage that process for you.
Our deployment and migration services include:
  • The analysis of your business for deployment and migration and development of a plan tailored to fit your business needs, optimizing your present operation and anticipating future needs.
  • The acquisition and deployment of IT hardware, from servers to desktops, including all personalized information found on desktops.
  • Seamless transition between operating system platforms.
  • Remote migration of software that is flexible to your business needs, reducing or eliminating downtime.
  • Compatibility testing between operating systems and applications, so there is no downtime when you need your systems.
  • Environmentally conscious and cost effective recycling of hardware and the secure destruction of your business data in compliance with privacy, legal and industry standards.