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Cloud Solution
Cloud means internet and is the term applied to the collective offsite infrastructure that enables you to operate in a virtual environment using your resources and deliver your IT service through the internet. Documents, email, business data and other software applications can all be stored remotely and seamlessly accessed over the Internet through any web-enabled device, such as desktops, laptops, tablet PC's, smart phones, allowing your staff and clients to access your resources and services from anywhere in the world.

Cloud solutions offer many benefits to your organization, such as limiting your costs of maintenance of hardware infastructure, software and connectivity.

Cloud computing is a safe, well-established technology. Your data is encrypted and can only be accessed by you, your staff or clients. You chose who sees what—we manage this for you by setting up a password system or biometric system—or you can chose both.
  • Email
  • CRM
  • Virtual desktops
  • Servers
  • Communications
  • Databases
  • Storage and back-up

Cloud SolutionWe provide full cloud computing support, tailored to your business needs and preferences:
  • Whether you want to run only select applications or all your applications from the cloud.
  • Whether you want to operate select IT Infrastructure or move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud.
  • If you want help designing, implementing and maintenance your cloud infrastructure.

We can personalize the cloud to your business, at whatever level fits your need. Contact us to learn more about how cloud computing can help your business minimize costs and maximize profits.