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Survey 2015

IT Equipment Disposal & Recycling
IT hardware changes about every three to five years. You are required to dispose of your obsolete IT equipment in a way that meets all the requirements under local, provincial and national law.
Can you answer "yes" to all of the following questions?
  • Do you need advice on recycling IT Equipment?
  • Does your current secure data destruction comply with all privacy, legal and industry standards?
  • Are you getting the most cost effective and environmental solution when recycling computers?
  • Are you sure your organization is meeting all the computer disposal legislation?
  • Do you have a full audit trail showing the outcome of your computer disposal process?
  • Services tailored to your business needs and budget
If your answer to one or more of these questions is "no," then you need EdgeMicro's services. We make IT disposal stress-free and easy on bottom line.
Our electronic waste recycling service provides business solutions that are legal and environmentally sound. We offer data shredding services with the assurance that unwanted and sensitive data will be safely deleted, in accordance with legal and industry standards, in a cost effective and environment friendly manner.
Recycling is not just the destruction and disposal of the materials that make up you IT hardware. It is also the reuse of your old IT hardware. We provide you with financial returns on those parts of your IT hardware that are remarketable. We also provide a certified audit trail of the safe, secure, legal and environmentally sound disposal of your IT hardware.