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Survey 2015

Survey InformationThis survey will take approximately 3 mintues.
1. What is the total number of staff who use computers in your business?
2. Which Internet Service Provider do you use in your business? Bell Rogers Cogent Primus Other
3. Do you have a Internet Security in place (some times called a firewall)?
4. What brand of internet security system do you have in place? Cisco Juniper Sonic Wall Netgear zyxel Other
5. How many of the IT hardware know as Switches does your business have in place?
6. What brand of Switches does your business use? Cisco Juniper HP Netgear Dlink Other
7. How many Servers does your business have in place?
8. What brand of servers does your business use? HP IBM Dell Lenovo Other
9. What operating system does your business use to run your Servers? Win Server 2K8 Win Server 2K8R2 Win Server 2K3 Linux Unix Mac OS Other
10. Which Data Storage Devices are used for Data Backup? Flash drive USB Hard drive TapeBackup Network Storage Hard drive array Other
11. Which brand and make of Data storage Devices does your business use?
12. Does your business currently have online Data Backup services?
13. What is your estimate of the frequency data backed up?
14. Please list the software Applications That your business currently uses? Microsoft Office SQL Quickbooks Customise/Industry related Applications Other
15. What are the Standard on your business Desktop Computers? HP Lenovo Dell Acer Other
16. What are the standards on your business LCD/LED Monitors? LG Samsung Dell NEC Viewsonic Acer HP Other
17. How many of your staff use Notebooks?
18. What brand of Notebooks does you business employ ? HP Lenovo Dell Acer Toshiba Apple Other
19. How many of your staff use Smart phones?
20. How many Printers / Multie function print devices does your business have?
21. What brand of Printer / MFP does your business employ? HP Canon Xerox Lexmark Okidata Dell Epson Kyocera Other
22. What is the number of IT technical Staff does your business employ?
23. Are you planning to use IT Managed Services now or in future?
24. Are you planning to use IT Helpdesk Services now or in future ?
25. Are you planning to use IT Cloud Services now or in future?
26. Are your business planning to take your IT infrastructure into your own Cloud system?
27. Is your software and hardware using the Virtualization process?
28. Are you planning to use a Managed Print Services now or in the future?
29. Are you interested in having all of your business's IT services provided for you for a simple manageable monthly fee?
30. Are you interested in having a free Network Infrastructure evaluation (a $299 value)?
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